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While almost every other industry has been disrupted by technology, the residential rental market has been left behind. The biggest bottleneck in the leasing process? Facilitating tours. Inefficiencies in email and text coordination, key pickup and dropoff, agent availability and commute time, and down-time create large numbers of days-on-market and frustrated prospective tenants.

So we created block.a to make touring seamless and stress-free for everyone involved. block.a is the first end-to-end leasing platform in the world. Using our proprietary technology, we have been able to facilitate over 30,000 self-tours and lease over 1,000 apartments since we began in 2020.

Our vision is to create a rental experience renters want while unlocking the efficiency landlords need. As we go forth on our mission to remove the friction within the traditional leasing process, we’re building the future of residential leasing one block at a time.

Our Team

Erez Cohen


Guy Yoshpe


Ben Haghani


Michelle Mosseri

VP of Real Estate Strategy

Andrey Shomer


Gali Amit

Director of Operations

Barak Turns

Director of Product Management

Leshem Brosh

Director of Marketing

Pawel Uszynski

Director of Leasing

Jacob Bassiri

Business Development

Renee Tabache

Business Development

Yoav Tepper

Data Lead

Gilad Rubin

Data Scientist

Yehoav Rabinovich

Software Engineer

Roi Padan

Software Engineer

Michal Rosenthal

Software Engineer

Shani Czapnik

Software Engineer

Avishay Matayev

Software Engineer

Bar Ezra

Software Engineer

Aziza Baizak

Jr. Product Manager 

Crystal Pizarro

Marketing Manager

Ayala Mail

Administrative Manager

Mike Cuite

Leasing Agent

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