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Frictionless experience for renters, optimized & secured process for your leasing teams

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Leasing Efficiencies for Increased NOI


More Tours


Reduction in DOM


Leasing Hours Added

The Experience Your Renters Expect,

Seamlessly Embedded Into Your Workflows

    Secured & Keyless

    Simple & temporary digital access solution that fits all lock types (100,000+ tours strong)

    Endless Flexibility

    The freedom marketing & leasing teams want, while not compromising on a high-end, high-touch renting experience

    Insights at Every Touch Point

    Actionable marketing insights, prospect feedback & touring analytics all seamlessly sync to your CRM

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Self Touring

Streamline your leasing operations and drastically improve engagement with your prospects

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"We cut our

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50% by switching

to block.a,

A no-brainer"

Jason Glick, GPG Management

Maximize Your
Leasing Potential

    ID Verification

    Experience the assurance of top-tier security with AI-driven ID verification, GPS tour tracking, and user behavior anomaly detection


    Double the number of tours by enabling exploration of multiple properties in a single day, without the need for scheduling. Maximize engagement with prospects across your portfolio


    Fast deployment without the need for an additional dashboard, block.a keeps your tech stack efficient and consolidated via existing integrations with your existing Access-Control, PMS and CRM

    Real-time Feedback

    Gain valuable, real-time insights to identify areas of underperformance and focus on leads with the highest potential

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