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If you are still using traditional brokerages, every email exchange and apartment showing is costing you opportunities, applications, and income. Our team of leasing experts and top engineering talent prioritizes YOU and your business. We utilize technology to simplify the leasing process and help you to increase your NOI. Plus, our proprietary analytics tools help you set the best price for your apartments. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional leasing methods.

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block.a utilizes real-time data and insights to refine and optimize your listing.


block.a’s skilled leasing team and automated leasing agent handle applications and lease signings.

"We cut our leasing costs by 50% by switching to block.a, 

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Jason Glick, GPG Management

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100% transparency with real-time stats, suggestions, and insights backed by 10 years of leasing activity.

AI leasing agent answers every inquiry instantly and follows up regularly so no tenants fall through the cracks.

Showings continue and applications are collected until the apartment is rented to collect rent as quickly as possible.

Lead generation is maximized with best-in-class photography and marketing syndication.

Peace of mind with prospective tenants—all verified through photo ID and GPS location, while the system monitors behavior anomalies.

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Our Groundbreaking Rent Optimizer

Informed by more than 10 years of historical leasing activity, our rent optimization tool is a first-of-its-kind with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This dedicated AI engine:


Calculates your optimal listing rent using millions of real market data points, accounting for seasonal fluctuations and market abnormalities

Generate Thousands of Comps Prices

Adjusting by Seasonality & Amenities

Forecasting Rent for Future Dates


Adjusts recommendations based on real-time inquiries and visits.

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